The Most Researched

Beta Glucan is the most researched immune support supplement in the world. BetaKIDS® contains the purest, most effective Beta Glucan you can buy.

  • 190,000+ Studies

    Being one of the most researched immune supplements, many papers have been published on pubmed.

  • 5+ Pediatric Studies

    Beta Glucan has been clinically tested on children showing the vast range of benefits of oral consumption.

  • 200+ Patents

    Purity equals effectiveness. Our beta glucan is the purest on the market. We let the research speak.

A Smarter Immune System

Beta Glucan activates your immune cells in such a way that enables them to better detect, identify, and mark pathogens.

This means that your immune system can more quickly react and learn about any pathogen inside your body.

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Our Beta Glucan

Purest Available

50mg of our Beta Glucan is better than 800mg of any competitor's Beta Glucan.

Our beta glucan is manufactured to be the purest on the market. Backed by over 200+ Patents.

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No Comparison

Vitamins and minerals help you reach healthy base levels.
Our Beta Glucan elevates you to a new immune response without overstimulation.

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Pediatric Research

The proof is in the pudding. Here are the clinical trials backing our claims--and why we are so excited about Beta Glucan!

  • Formula Consumption in 3- to 4-Year-Olds and Respiratory Infections

    "Children who took beta glucan had fewer missed days of day care due to illness. Daily consumption also showed antiinflammatory mechanisms."

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  • Glucan #300 in Children with Chronic Respiratory Problems: Antibody Production

    "Properly functioning immune system is crucial to defend against all invading pathogens, including
    common cold viruses. Glucans were confirmed to have beneficial effects against common cold and respiratory symptoms and against allergy symptoms via decreasing proinflammatory cytokines"

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  • Effects on Innate Immunity

    "Strong effects of Beta Glucan on lysozyme levels demonstrate significant effects on bacterial infections and reduction of chronic

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  • Mucosal Immunity in Children

    "In addition, glucan was repeatedly confirmed to have positive effects on children with respiratory problems. Our data showed strong effects of glucan supplementation on the overall health status of all children in this group"

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  • Glucan #300 Supplementation on Children exposed to Passive Smoking

    "Based on these data, we conclude that natural immunomodulator β-glucan significantly improves the overall health of children with chronic respiratory problems caused by environmental stress and/or passive smoking."

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  • Over 190,000 Publications

    With over 190,000 publications, Beta Glucan has become the most researched immune modulator. You can't achieve these same benefits without Beta Glucan

Healthier Kids. Happier Families.