Four Smoothie Recipes that Kids Love


1. Almond Butter & ‘Nanner Treat
Protein: 1-3 tbsp almond butter
Liquid: 1-2 cups almond or coconut milk as needed
Texture: 1 cup sliced frozen banana*
Flavor: 1 tsp vanilla
Color: Handful baby spinach
Mix-ins: Chocolate chips, cocoa powder, coconut flakes

*Tip: Slice bananas and spread onto a wax-papered cookie sheet. Set in freezer overnight. Remove, place in container, and return to freezer. Now they won’t stick together, and you’ll always have frozen banana slices ready for treats!

Berry Delicious
Protein: Handful pecans, ground in blender.
Liquid: 1-2 cups water as needed, splash of orange juice
Texture: 1 cup frozen mango
Flavor: 1 cup berries of choice
Color: Baby greens of choice
Mix-ins: Drop frozen blueberries into this one after it is blended for added texture and flavor

3. Taste of the Tropics
Protein: Handful almonds, ground in blender
Liquid: 1-2 cups orange juice as needed, or coconut water and fresh oranges
Texture: 1 cup sliced frozen pineapple
Flavor: Frozen strawberries, optional: 1 tsp vanilla
Color: Greens of choice

4. The Green Yumster
Protein: Cashews ground in blender, yogurt, or kid-dosed vanilla protein powder
Liquid: 1-2 cups milk of choice
Texture: 1/2 avocado, 1/2 cup sliced frozen banana
Flavor: Frozen mango, frozen green grapes, optional: 1 tsp vanilla
Color: Baby greens of choice

Note: Notice how I don’t add sweetener to the recipes? I’ve stopped going to smoothie shops because so often I see them add a little bit of fruit, a whole lot of ice, and then sugar to make up the flavor difference. Just freeze your fruit from the get go. That way, they provide the sweet and the smooth, without watering the flavor down with ice. If you do need to add a touch of sweet, try stevia or drizzled honey to taste. Add small bits at a time and work up.

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