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Beta KIDS Chewables (3 Pack) - 30 Count (each) One Time

This is a 3 pack of Beta KIDS --- an immune support supplement for children! The small, delicious fruit-flavored chewables provide a daily dose of proven immune support with natural ingredients and no added sugar. It is effective and completely safe for prolonged use.

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Children from 2 to 7 years of age:
1 chewable a day, a half an hour before eating

Children from 8 to 11 years of age:
2 chewables a day, a half an hour before eating 

If you feel that more immune support is needed, 
double the dose.

Improves Tooth Mineralization

Beta Kids® uses a unique combination of Xylitol, Sorbitol, and Erythritol which have been scientifically proven to help in the tooth mineralization process. This mineralization process is helpful because it maintains and strengthens the structure of teeth. This includes the protection of enamel and other hard tissues. 

*Xylitol is a safe and natural sweetener that actually aids in good dental health and does not agitate blood sugar levels. 

The Xylitol that is used in Beta Kids® is Non-GMO and natural unlike many other artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame, Saccharin’s, etc.

Maintains and Supports a Healthy Immune Response

Beta Glucan, a highly purified active polysaccharide, is a clinically proven immune support. Vitamin D and Selenium also support immune functions.

Manufactured for Purity and Potency

All of AJ Lanigan's products are manufactured in ISO 9000 facilities and they strictly adhere to ISPE’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Each of the key ingredients in Beta KIDS® is thorougly tested to ensure complete purity and potency is retained throughout the entire manufacturing process.

The final product is evaluated by independent third-party agencies, with each lot receiving a Certificate of Analysis. Only the top 10% of the beta glucan material produced meets the stringent purification standards (minimum 83% purity) and is used inside the Beta KIDS® gummies.®

The end result is your child receiving the World’s Purest and Most Biologically Active Immune Product.

Supplement Facts

Beta Glucan
Vitamin D3

Other ingredients: Xylitol (Sweetener), Purified water, Sunflower oil (Bulking agent), Sorbitol (Sweetener), Bovine Gelatin (Gelling agent), Erythritol (Sweetener), Trisodium citrate (Acidity regulator), Malic acid (Antioxidant), Tutti Frutti Natural flavoring (Flavoring), Stevia (Sweetener), Paprika extract (Color), Vegetable oil (Trace Lubrication oil), Medium Chain Triglycerides (Anti-foaming agent) 

** 75% Daily value for children 1 through 3 years of age. 27% Daily value for children 4 or more years of age.


A.J. Lanigan

A.J. Lanigan studied at the University of South Carolina, College of Pharmacy from 1971–1975. A.J. has been fascinated with various disciplines of immunology for almost 30 Years. After several successful ventures in the medical space, he discovered the immensely researched compound Beta-1, 3D Glucan.

At the time of its inception, Beta Glucan was prohibitively expensive and economically unfeasible for the average person, “When I began, only two companies were widely selling to consumers; they sold a 2.5mg capsule, in a 30-count bottle for $40.”

After teaming with key manufacturers, A.J. was able to develop a process that significantly improved the purity and cost effectiveness of Beta Glucan, making it exceedingly more affordable:

I breached the market with The First US-Made Beta Glucan that served to provide a Safe, Effective, and Affordable Supplement.”

Journal of American Nutraceutical Association Quote
Molecule Representation

In the past 20 years, dozens of Universities and Teaching Hospitals have published the safety and effectiveness of A.J.'s product

Logos of Universities and Teaching Hospitals

Scientific Research

The amazing effects of Beta Glucan on a child's immune system have been well-documented in 8 double-blind randomized placebo-controlled studies.
Numerous researchers at various universities and teaching hospitals continue to prove that Beta Glucan, Selenium, and Vitamin D3 have synergistic effects in boosting Children’s Immune Response.

“Natural Immunomodulator Beta Glucan significantly Improves the Health of Children”

- American Journal of Immunology

“Beta Glucan stimulated the Immunity and Physical Endurance of Children”

- Annals of Translational Medicine

“Children who consumed Beta Glucan had Fewer Days Missed of Day Care due to Illness”

- Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics

“Beta Glucan significantly Improves the Overall Health of children with Chronic Respiratory Problems caused by Environmental Stress and / or Passive Smoking”

- Journal of Nutrition Health

“Regular consumption of Beta Glucan promoted Improved Immune Outcomes, with Fewer Episodes of Allergic Manifestations in Young Children”

- Nutrition Journal