Our Mission

Our Mission

We want to empower 10,000 new families in the next 10 years because parents deserve healthy and happy kids.

We get it. We're parents just like you--and having sick kids stinks.

We know what it's like to have a schedule ruined because my child is sick!

With years of research, and over 200 patents, our formulator AJ Lanigan created an all natural, science backed gummy to supercharge your child's immune system, so parents like yourself can have peace of mind through healthier and happier kids.


Our Secret Ingredient - Beta Glucan

Beta Glucan modulates (which means keeps in order) a kid’s immune system to fight off bad guys (viruses, germs, infections, etc.) - who wouldn’t want that for their kids?

In it serves as the catalyst in making your Immune System “smarter,” while increasing the strength of your Immunocyte Army. This 'army' has the role to work with other immune cells for optimal immune function.

What this all means is that your immune system has a better ability to identify the bad guys, while at the same time also being more prepared to fight them off.

Arming yourself with a more appropriate defense against life’s daily challenges is like giving your Immune System the special training it needs, to be all it can be.