Beta Kids Versus Smarty Pants Healthy kids Immunity Supplement

Beta Kids Versus Smarty Pants Healthy kids Immunity Supplement

If you're a parent navigating the pandemic you've probably felt powerless at some point. Trying to protect your children from getting sick can seem like an impossible feat.

Your child getting sick is hard on them, but it's hard on your family too. They miss school, you miss work; your whole routine goes out the window.

On top of that, there are many children's vitamins out there making false promises. Beta KIDS offers the most effective natural  supplements to supercharge your child's immune system.

Beta KIDS can guarantee your child’s immune system will be supported and will experience fewer sick days due to their immune system being supercharged!. Why? Because the primary ingredient in Beta KIDS is Beta-Glucan, specifically, Glucan 300.

Keep reading to find out why Beta KIDS is superior to the popular supplement SmartyPants Healthy* Kids Immunity.

What Is SmartyPants?

SmartyPants is a company that sells a variety of gummy supplements designed for children and adults. Their products range from probiotics to immunity supplements to general vitamins.

Their children's immunity supplement, Healthy* Kids Immunity is a popular supplement. Yet, it is not clear whether this supplement will actually help to reduce the number of days your child is sick.

SmartyPants Healthy* Kids Immunity Pros

There are some positive aspects to the SmartyPants immunity supplement. It contains several vitamins that promote health and wellbeing. It also has added flavoring that makes it appealing to children.

SmartyPants Healthy* Kids Immunity also contains some beta-glucan, like Beta KIDS. But, whereas beta-glucan is the primary ingredient in Beta KIDS gummies, SmartyPants only contains small amounts of beta-glucan.

SmartyPants Healthy* Kids Immunity Cons

One major downside to Healthy* Kids Immunity is that it contains added sugar. Besides sugar, it contains some generic vitamins and minerals, but very little beta-glucan.

Most of the vitamins contained in SmartyPants Healthy* Kids Immunity supplements are the same ingredients you'll find in standard vitamin tablets. So, can they really help boost your child's immune system?

SmartyPants supplements are also expensive. If you have more than one child taking an immunity supplement every day, the cost can add up fast.

Why Beta KIDS Is the Better Alternative

Beta KIDS offers parents the comfort of giving their child an all-natural immune supplement. Beta KIDS will support the child’s immune system so that they’re as well prepared as possible for any illnesses or sickness coming their way.

The key to why Beta KIDS works so well to protect your child's immune system is its powerful immunity support ingredient: beta-glucan--specifically Glucan 300

What Is Beta-Glucan and Why Does It Work?

Beta-glucan is the catalyst in making the immune system better at combating infections. It keeps the immune system in order and increases the strength of the body's immunocyte defenses.

That means it can help your child's body better identify invaders - like germs and viruses - and fight them off!

Beta-glucan is one of the most studied and effective natural immunity supplements on the market. It is classified as an immunomodulator and comes from many foods such as yeast and medicinal mushrooms, reishi and maitake.

Immunomodulator vs Immunostimulant

An immunomodulator is a substance that modifies the response of the immune system. It helps to regulate the immune system by stimulating and suppressing it as needed.

An immunostimulant enhances the body's resistance against infection. Common immunostimulants are vaccines and interferons.

The benefit of using an immunomodulator like Beta KIDS is that it will never cause overstimulation or harm to your child's immune system. Immune supplements like ElderBerry contain such risks.

Beta-glucan makes the immune system smarter and stronger. It provides a safe, healthy immune response no matter the dosage taken.

Why Beta KIDS Beta-Glucan Is the Best

Not all forms of beta-glucan are the same. Studies have shown that pure beta-glucan contains the most health benefits.

The formulator of Beta KIDS, AJ Lanigan, has worked with beta-glucan for over 20 years and generated over 200 patents in order to create the purest form of beta-glucan on the market--called Glucan 300.

Purity matters because it determines how effectively beta-glucan gets absorbed by the body. With Beta KIDS, even a small dose has a greater effect on the body than a large dose of competitor brands like Healthy* Kids Immunity.

Beta KIDS boasts a minimum purity level of 85 percent. That means your child will get the best immune response possible when taking Beta KIDS daily immune supplement.
Why does Purity Matter?

  • Purity plays a big role on how effective beta-glucan is absorbed by the body
  • With our product, even a small dose provides a huge boost to immune response compared to a large dose from any other competitor (especially the Beta Glucan from HEALTHY* KIDS IMMUNITY)
  • Take a look at this graph:

In addition, Beta KIDS is manufactured in the US and has third-party verification. That's how you know your child is getting the best quality all-natural, scientifically proven supplement without added ingredients like sugar, artificial flavors or toxic materials.

Beta KIDS Ingredients

The main ingredients in Beta KIDS supplements are Glucan 300, selenium, and vitamin D3. The majority of the immune response comes from the Glucan 300, but selenium and vitamin D3 are essential nutrients that add a boost.

Beta KIDS contains a few other natural ingredients as well. Each of these ingredients is integral to the production of safe, delicious, and fresh gummy supplements. These ingredients include:

  • Xylitol, sorbitol, and erythritol are natural sweeteners that also improve teeth mineralization
  • Stevia is a natural sweetener that does not increase blood sugar levels
  • Bovine gelatine gives the gummies their gelatinous texture and is associated with health benefits like improved skin health and bone loss prevention
  • Trisodium citrate absorbs excess moisture and naturally regulates acidity
  • Malic acid is a naturally occurring antioxidant and adds a tart taste to the gummies
  • Natural tutti frutti flavoring creates the delicious and unique taste of Beta KIDS gummies
  • Paprika extract gives the gummies their color
  • Trace amounts of vegetable oil ensure the gummies don't stick to their packaging
  • Medium-chain triglycerides are natural oils that help the gummies remain smooth 

Testimonials From Satisfied Parents

Ruzanna Mkhitarian

Delicious flavor and D3 My 9 year old loves the flavor so I have to problems with him taking it and most important he is feeling healthy with taking these essential vitamins. Especially going back to school now with the Covid. I feel much better knowing that this will help protect his immune system. It’s made with natural flavors and has no GMO or gluten, plus it is suitable for diabetics. Will definitely bug this again .


Annetta Schneider
I've been giving my kiddies these chewables now for about a year. I'm really pleased with this product. If my kiddies get sick, they recover in a day or two. Prior to these chewables, they would suffer miserably for a week. I also feel strongly that their immune system is stronger than ever and that's what they need, especially during this pandemic!


Angela Bennett

My kids take 1 a day every day. Ages 4 and 6. If I feel like they're coming down with something I double them up. My son won a perfect attendance award in kindergarten!! I feel like this strengthens their immune system so much!!

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Many parents feel powerless when their children get sick because they don't know how to support their children's immune system.

Beta KIDS gives you the most effective natural supplement available for supercharging your child’s immune system so you can have fewer sick days and less disruption to your family’s routine.

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